what's your phone number?

Our telephone number is 281-313-1008 

what kind of food do you serve?

Mostly Pizza, Waffles, Salads and other delicious comfort foods.

Do you serve vegetarian or vegan food?

We do have some great vegetarian and vegan options in our menu.  We also love to work with you on the spot, creating a dish that satisfies your eating style or allergies.  You pay our bills, we want to make you happy, so we will cook for you!

do you have gluten free options?

Almost half of our menu is GF! Including GF Pizza and Waffle options.

do you have any more locations?  are you a franchise?

No.  Jupiter Pizza and Waffles co. is one of a kind.

who owns Jupiter Pizza and Waffles co?

Robert and Victor own Jupiter Pizza and Waffles co.  They are truly a yin and yang team.  Robert (also an Architect) is the creative person in charge of designing, building and fabricating stuff, concept and menu development and the look and feel of things. Victor is the smart, mature and orderly operations mastermind who keeps everything from falling apart.

who runs Jupiter Pizza and Waffles co?

JP and Jose are co-GM's and Pourya is Floor Manager. 

who is your chef?

We practice collaborative cuisine, which basically means we all pitch in until each dish is fine tuned to our liking.  Usually, Robert develops the menu over a period of a few months and Chef Memo and the team execute it after everyone has had their say.  Dishes are never done, they are always in a state of improvement and constant critique by all of us.

are you the same people as Japaneiro's?

Yes.  Victor and Robert also created and own Japaneiro's, Guru and The Ginger Mule.  Jason "Quino" Molinos deserves special credit for being the other person who holds everything together, along with the rest of our crazy good people like JP, Randy, Brian, big Memo, little Memo, Jose, Shelby, Pourya, the Frenchies, Chef Victor, Rocky, Alexia, Sinue, Chano, Alex, Rene, Juanito and many many others.